Reading Matters

Reading Matters is a Section 21 (not for gain) publishing company that selects and provides language and literacy educational resources in different South African languages to educational institutions. Established in 1997 to provide an additional income stream for the Trust, Reading Matters provides the book resources for READ's school projects.

All profits generated by Reading Matters are paid to READ. Reading Matters' link to READ enables the publisher to offer expertise in book selection and training, library materials, library book processing, teacher training, and professional educational consultation and delivery nationwide. Reading Matters is one of South Africa's leading suppliers and distributors of quality education resources.

It fulfils orders of more than one million books annually from its 2000m² on-site warehouse through an extensive distribution network that stretches from SA to Botswana, Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda. Reading Matters' products are field tested and recommended by READ, and are curriculum-compliant. Reading Matters is the local agent for Sunshine, Scholastic, African Reading Matters and READ publishers

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