Winning story – A Detective’s Life | By Jessie McAvoy, 10-years-old | St John’s RC Primary School

As Bruce walked out of the DWC (Detective Weapon Centre)… wait a minute… this isn’t the beginning! Let’s go back a few hours… now this is the beginning.

This is Bruce Micheil, he has been specially chosen to do a mission that could end the world. The reason that he has been chosen for this mission is that he is a famous detective who solved almost 1 million mysteries and has completed over 2 000 missions. That is the most in detective history!

“What was the mission?” you ask. Well his evil ex-wife, Dr Ally, built an X-ray that could make every human in the world turn into a zombie! Ok so right now Bruce Micheil is at the DWC to get some equipment for his mission and just so you know, they have some awesome equipment like the mico-gun… aw yah that baby is AMAZING!

Anyway when he was done choosing his equipment, Bruce walked out of the DWC and he saw a person he hadn’t seen in years… IT WAS DR ALLY (his evil ex-wife)! Dr Ally reached into her tiny purse and pulled out a suitcase. Wait, wait, wait, wait, WAIT!! How can a big suitcase fit into a tiny purse like that? THAT’S CRAZY!!!

Ok back to the story. Dr Ally then opened the suitcase and the suitcase sucked Bruce Micheil into it. Dr Ally had caught him! She then picked up the suitcase (which was very, very heavy) and put it into the trunk of her car. Dr Ally then drove to her laboratory deep down town. When Dr Ally got to her laboratory, Dr Ally took the heavy suitcase (with Bruce Micheil inside) and carried it into her laboratory. She took the suitcase and threw into a giant metal cage. Bruce Micheil unzipped it from the inside and was shocked to see where he was! He asked Dr Ally what she wanted with him, and she replied, “Well you see Bruce, I don’t want you to spoil my plans.”

Bruce sat down on a chair in the metal cage and asked her, “But why turn the whole world into Zombies?” He was confused. Dr Ally replied once more “You see darling, when I turn every person in the world into a Zombie, every Zombie will be my slave until the world ends, or I die!”

As Dr Ally was talking Bruce Micheil remembered that he had a safety pin in his hair. So he reached in his hair and pulled it out. He then took the pin and picked the lock of the metal cage.

After he picked the lock, he spotted the X-ray (that could turn everyone in the world into Zombies) from across the room. He tiptoed across the room. Bruce then grabbed the X-ray and snapped it in half. Dr Ally heard the SNAP. She turned around and shouted, “Noooooooo!” Then Bruce Micheil took out the weapon he fetched from the DWC – the mico-gun and shot a huge net from it that caught Dr Ally. (See I told you the mico-gun was AWESOME!)

Bruce Micheil then took out his phone and called the police. The police arrived at Dr Ally’s laboratory in less than 15 minutes. The police chief came up to Bruce Micheil and said, “Thank you so, so much Mr Micheil for catching this woman!” Bruce stopped him and said, “Please. Mr Micheil was my father, call me Bruce.” The police chief continued, “Well anyway thanks for the help, Bruce!” as he shook Bruce’s hand, and the world was saved because of Bruce Micheil.

The End.

Or is it?!

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