• More than 36 years’ experience in education and training
  • Educational development – Early Childhood Development (ECD) through to Grade 12
  • Teacher training from ECD level through to Grade 12
  • Specialisation in the learning areas of language, literacy, communication, research, and life skills
  • Experience in both rural and urban school-project delivery
  • Experience in material development
  • Community outreach


  • Accredited service provider to the Department of Education in nine provinces
  • Sound and transparent financial systems
  • Efficient evaluation systems
  • Recent projects serviced more than 1 500 schools, 15 000 teachers, and one million learners


  • All programmes are developed in collaboration with the Department(s) of Education and teachers
  • Funded by private sector, local and foreign donors
  • All material developed is Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) compliant

The Three Principles of READ

Books and Training Always Go Together

One is not ineffective without the other. Because South African teachers have not grown up with books, they have little experience in using them in the classroom. Book provision must be accompanied by training to ensure that materials are effectively used. Training alone is not enough as most classrooms in the country are under-resourced.

The Right Book, at the Right Level, at the Right Time

Rigorous and careful book selection from local and international publishers is essential. Children can only be motivated to read if the books they have access to are relevant to their environment and appropriate to their reading level.

Variety Encourages Reading

The use of different kinds of styles of text and layout, is imperative to ensure that children can read for study purposes as well as for pleasure.


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